Bright Monday| For All of Us


This morning I am groggy after 4 straight mornings of 5:15 wake-ups by our wonderful puppy Luna.  I am thankful, however, for these wakes from slumber because I am experiencing the stillness of the moonlight on the grass as the dawn prepares to wake the soil crunching beneath my feet.

These walks in the untouched grass have been thin places– where I feel heaven touching earth– in very real ways.  I am walking again with my Creator in the Garden, in my original blessing, as he speaks grace through the birds, the wind, and the quiet.

These times of solitude are broken up by an enthusiastic 40 pound Labradoodle puppy jumping up onto me as we tramp through our front and back yards, her sniffing away at the ground, and me making sure we aren’t going to step on snakes or fall in one of the many holes that my kids have dug through the yard.

Life cannot just be contemplation and solitude even if that is what I want.  My life is not just my own.  I live my life for my wife and my children.   I live my life for my neighbors and family. I live my life for the stranger and the orphan.  If I don’t live my life within the streams of grace and mercy of God, participating with Him in the renewal & reconciliation of all things, I will have lived my life bringing more hell than heaven to the world.  Love compels me to live my life as a resurrection way of life, to walk the paths to death, to laugh in the face of death, to dance on death’s grave, and to know that the grace of Christ is sufficient to be my strength in weakness.

That grace, that power, that freedom, that rescue is for all.  Not just a chosen few.  But the whole world.  And it never, ever gives up.  On you.  On Me.  On all of us.


2 thoughts on “Bright Monday| For All of Us

  1. “Life cannot just be contemplation and solitude even if that is what I want.  My life is not just my own.  I live my life for my wife and my children.   I live my life for…”

    This is a really tough lesson, and it has been hitting me hard for the past year, or nearly two. I’ve spent much of the season of Lent coming to terms with the “death” my prior ideal lifestyle, one which was much more centered around my own ‘spirituality’ and increasingly incompatible with the life of an at-home dad. Knowing I need to embrace my present station in life, I had to let the previous version of myself die rather than cling to dreams and goals that I can’t pursue right now.

    I don’t mean to blather on about myself on your blog, sorry. Mainly I wanted to thank you for sharing these glimpses of your struggles, even brokenness. I’m not normally into reading personally-minded devotional writings, but yours have become somewhat more relatable to me, lately. Cheers, Deacon Josh!

    1. Thank you Father Matthew. Yeah, it’s been a journey for me to be a little more open and authentic about the pain and brokenness, but I think it’s because we are told that men aren’t supposed to be open about those things. I think an authentic masculinity should acknowledge pain and suffering and loss not try to hide it. Prayers for you Father, as a fellow pilgrim in Fatherhood and ministry.

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