Good Friday | Forsaken by Violence

my god my god

Today we see God in Flesh die in that flesh.

God died today.

Mourn.  Weep.

God took upon Himself the sin of us all.

He took within Himself the violence of man.

Man tried God, found Him guilty, and executed Him.

They tried God for all the heartache, pain, and destruction.

They scapegoated God, the placed on Him the blame of it all.

Typhoons, tsunamis, miscarriages, famine, war, and violence.

And Christ, being fully God and fully man, took that upon Himself voluntarily

and laid down His life to bring all violence and pain and woundedness and war and famine and disease and heartache into Himself to redeem it and destroy it.

In Christ, ALL are saved, ALL are brought into Divinity, and ALL are to be transformed by His love, here or later.

For it is through his incarnation, life, wounding, execution, and yes, resurrection, we are brought us into His Kingdom that is happening now in this present moment and will happen in fullness some day.


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