I kind of have an obsession with hearts.

My first tattoo was the Sorrowful Heart of Mary on my forearm.

My next will be a Sacred Heart of Jesus.

It could be the heart issues I had as a kid that I understand the heart is kind of important. Being in a cardiac intensive care unit for 2 weeks makes you think about the ole’ ticker in more ways that one, even at 14 years of age.

If it’s not working well, then well, you are in trouble. or dead.

It also makes me think of saying the prayer as a child inviting Jesus into my heart.

You see, the heart is more than just an emotional center, it’s the center of all being.  So like as a child, when I said the Sinner’s Prayer, I was asking Jesus into my whole self, my whole being, my reason and method of living.

So maybe that’s why I (heart) hearts

Maybe when I look at Mary’s heart pierced by the afflictions of her son, I can grasp the pain of watching something you love harmed or even die.

Maybe when I look at the Sacred Heart of Jesus, I see a heart wounded by love, wounded by His own love for us, all of us.  It’s a heart on fire, brimming with divine mercy, that will destroy our selfishness and sinfulness.

Finally, when at the look at my heart.  Especially when broken through trials or temptations.  I see that I can only rely on Jesus.  I can’t rely on my own self because my weakness is so great.  His grace, Paul writes, is sufficient for me, for His power is made perfect in my weakness.

So here I stand, I can do no other, and wait in silence for the gracious God to fill my heart with His peace, wholeness, and shalom.


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