For All The Saints


O Saviour Jesu, not alone/ we plead for help before thy throne/ thy Mother’s love shall aid our prayer/ to win for us that healing care

For souls defaulting supplicate/ all orders of the angel state,/ the Patriarchs in line to thee/ the Prophets’ goodly company.

For souls in guilt ensnared pray/ the Baptist, herald of thy way,/ the wielder of the heavenly keys/ the apostolic witnesses

For souls polluted intercede/ thy Martyrs, hallowed in their deed/ Confessors high in priestly power/ and they who have the virgin dower

Let all who served thy Church below/ and now thy heavenly freedom know/ give heed to help our lingering strife/ and claim for us the crown of life

To God the Father, God the Son/ and God the Spirit, Three in One,/ All honour, praise, and glory be/ from age to age eternally. Amen.

Iesu salvator saeculi, 9th cent., Tr. T.A. Lacey


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