We Need Rest (Sabbath & Sabbatical)


Over the next eight weeks, I have requested and been granted a sabbatical from serving in ministry at Resurrection.  For my wife and I, we realized that we have been running on empty for several months (if not years).  Since at least the time I graduated college, I have not just been a ‘pew-sitter’ but have constantly served, volunteered, or had a staff position at a church.  That’s been at least 10 years (and most likely longer).  Since Katie and I have been married, we have sat together maybe a total of 20 times in 7 years.

We are tired. We are burning-out.  Our spiritual, mental, and emotional lives with each other, our children, and with God has been damaged and broken.  We are not meant to live our lives apart from each other.  We are not meant to be so focused on success that we miss the good that God has put in front of us.  We need to dig down deep through the muck and crap that has been piled on our daily lives and find the life that God has built for us.

We need Sabbath.  We need to Sabbath.  Thus why I am taking a sabba(tical). The icon I posted at the top of this post is the one of Christ’s descent into Hell. Christ descended into hell on the Sabbath.  He rescued us from Hell during the Sabbath.  May God rescue us from the hells we have created around us.

Over the next eight weeks, we are going to purposefully worship together, visit holy sites, seek Godly counseling, and just plain have fun as a family.

This 8 weeks is a first step in a journey to wholeness as a family, couple, and individuals.

I would appreciate your prayers.

For Christ & His Church,

Rev’d Dcn J.A. Watson

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