Hosanna! to Crucify Him! (or our journey begins)


“Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven, and glory in the highest heaven!”…but they kept shouting, “Crucify, crucify him!”

Two events–separated by just days–

One calling for his anointing as King in the line of David…

The second calling for his death at the hands of the Empire…

Palm Sunday is beginning of our journey to the Cross with Christ.  It’s our walking with his disciples and his Blessed Mother along the Via Delorosa.  It’s our calling out HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST and believing that the Messiah has come to free us from our political oppressors and then when that doesn’t seem to play out, turning around and shouting for Pilate and Herod to CRUCIFY HIM.

Palm Sunday is about unfulfilled expectations and the upside-down nature of God’s Kingdom.  It’s about a King being proclaimed in the streets and killed within the week by some of the same hands.  It’s Death thinking it has won a victory and being defeated.

As we enter Palm Sunday and Holy Week, may we reflect on the contrariness of the Kingdom of God and of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross and on the words uttered just days between.  May we remember that God’s ways don’t always impress with power and might, but that what may seem weak and meek to the world, is really God showing His true power.



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