An Honorable Burden

From a friend from afar Joseph who is discerning the priesthood. As I am in my transitional diaconate and past the ‘discernment’ phase, I know where he is coming from and ask that you keep him in your prayers.

First Among Sinners.

I think I’m a bit overdue for an update and reflection on my discernment of the Priesthood.

Many of you know that I have recently entered into the formal discernment process with my diocese (Ft. Worth-ACNA). At this point in time, I have completed all the necessary paperwork, which includes a lengthy life questionaire, essays on my family and upbringing, a spiritual autobiography, as well as a 4 hour long psychological examination. This past Saturday I went before my vestry (parish council) for an informal interview, and received their approval and support to be made a Postulant for Holy Orders. I will soon be undergoing a series of interviews by our diocesan Commission on Ministry, which will review all of my submitted paperwork, and will determine whether or not they believe I do indeed have a vocation to the Priesthood. Many people talk about “discerning” the priesthood, and what they…

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