Advent| Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

We are here.

A new church year.

A new season of life.

We are here not in celebration, but in anticipation, for the coming of the King.  An expected King.

In our culture, we want to skip over Advent to get to Christmas.  To get to lights and carols and presents and partying.  But we look at the goal and forget the journey. That’s what happens in the seasons of Advent and Lent.  We journey as the people of God in a desert and come to a time of celebration and joy with clean yet heavy hearts and hands.

We look forward to the day of celebrating the first coming, the Nativity, and await in anticipation for the 2nd coming, or Parousia.  We live in the tension of those times.   I love the way the Orthodox church places it’s icons, with the Theotokos and Christ Child on the left and the Christ Pantocrator on the right.  One of the Nativity and one of the Reigning King.

Let’s join together with the Church, with the Saints, both around the world and alive in Heaven awaiting that joyful day with Heaven crashes into Earth and all the dead in Christ will rise again.


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