For all the Saints

All-SaintsToday I sit in my office reflecting on All Hallow’s Eve, Reformation Day, All Hallows Day (All Saints Day), and All Souls’ Day as they all fall within this three day pattern.  I am thinking about my grandfather, who passed away over 15 years ago, and Katie’s grandfather who passed away last night.  I am thinking of the martyrs who are shedding their blood for the Cross in Iraq, Syria, and beyond.  I am thinking of the mistakes we have made as the Church– the excesses before the Reformation and the problems that stemmed from that same Reformation.  I am thinking about my upcoming ordination in a little over a week.

All these things on my mind go back and come from one things:  the incarnated God we see in Jesus dying and then rising again for us, for the Church.  That’s the only reason any of these remembrances or celebrations have meanings.  We don’t celebrate the Saints and ask intercession of the Saints because they were ‘good’ people.  No, we celebrate and remember them because they reflected Christ in a unique and wonderful way.  That they show us a glimpse of Him. All we do and all we will ever do that is ‘good, true, and holy’ comes through and from Him, and Him alone.

So as we mourn, we mourn as Christ mourned for the death of Lazarus.

So as we rejoice, we rejoice as Christ rejoiced.

So as we remember, we think upon His sacrificial love shown to us through the Cross and the Holy Meal and Sacrifice he left for us in the Eucharist.

Today, we remember, Saints known and unknown, and we remember movements that have united and divided.  We pray for all the Faithful Departed that they find peace, rest, and joy in the presence of God.



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